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June 17, 2014

Haul: Recent Beauty Purchases

beauty haul

Purchased by me

Who doesn't love a good haul?? I always enjoy seeing what others are purchasing, especially when it comes to beauty products. Today, I have a haul of my recent beauty purchases to share!

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works

I was using Secret Wonderland as my everyday scent for the longest time. It was time for a change, especially since that scent had been discontinued. Country Chic has a nice blend of wildflowers and citrus. It's a fresh, energizing scent that isn't too heavy.

The Pocketbac sanitizing hand gel was just a little extra I picked up. I'm not a hand sanitizing addict; it's nice to have though. Tangerine is always a scent I love.


Laura Geller products

As soon as I saw the Laura Geller event on Hautelook, I had to jump on a few things. I love Laura Geller products, but they can be on the pricey side. I only buy them when I can get good deals. They show up on Hautelook every one in awhile.

Laura Geller gel liners

This gel liner duo was only $12 as a set! Just one of these liners is normally $16.50! Getting 2 for $12 saved me $21! I got purple and black.

Laura Geller lipstick trio

This lipstick trio is usually priced at $36, but I got it for $15 (what a deal!). These lipsticks give great color and work well with the lip spackle below.  I love that they have matte finishes.

Laura Geller lip spackle

This was a new product to me, but at just $12 (instead of $25!), I figured it was worth a try. It's actually a primer for your lips that you apply before lipstick or gloss. It prevents color from feathering and bleeding, while also conditioning lips.  It reminds me of putting foundation on lips to nude them out. I like this product better.

Buying these items from Hautelook saved me $38.50. The only bummer about Hautelook is that it takes forever to get your purchase and mine took even longer than normal because of some shipping issues. Luckily, they offered to refund my shipping charges, which was awesome of them. It was still worth it! I love Hautelook!


Essie Watermelon and Play Date

I had been scoping out these polish shades for quite some time. They are perfect Summer colors! The one on the left is Watermelon and the one on the right is Play Date.

Mario Badescu Drying Cream

This cream works for all skin types. It's a great spot treatment for under-surface bumps and blemishes. I'll be doing a more formal review on this later, but I'm loving it so far and would highly recommend it!


Covergirl Lip Perfection lipsticks

More lipsticks! These shades are more fun, rather than practical. I reviewed/swatched them in this post.


That's everything. You might be surprised to know that even though I'm a beauty blogger, I'm not constantly buying tons of makeup and beauty products. I plan out my purchases very carefully and actually limit myself so that I don't go too crazy. I really only visit Ulta about once every few weeks and I rarely even buy anything when I go. The temptation is definitely there though!

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