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May 6, 2013

Zoya Darcy

Purchased by Me

Today's Monday Manicure features a bright yellow shade from Zoya. Keep reading for more info.

This sunny yellow color, Darcy, is from the Zoya Stunning Collection for Summer 2013. I got it with five other polishes for an Earth Day promotion. My order was 50% off. I love Zoya promos!

Darcy is a bit of a golden yellow. In the pictures, I have 2 coats of it on my nails along with a topcoat. It wasn't completely opaque for the first coat. After the second layer, it was solid. It's a creamy polish and a little on the thick side, but not heard to work with. 

I like how clean the edges came out around my cuticles. I laso like that it has lasted on my nails for a few days without chipping, smudging, peeling, or wearing down.

I love this shade against my skin color. I think it would look great on darker and lighter skin tones as well!

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