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February 14, 2012

Valentine's Love ♥

Oh February 14th; I don't need a day to express my love for anyone ....but I sure do love the goodies I receive!
It was a pretty regular day except Mark got home later than usual and with Valentine's goods in tow.
The first thing I noticed was this gigantic heart balloon! Aren't balloons so uplifting?

He also gave me a small box of chocolates from a local candy store that I love.

Mmmmmm. Semi-sweet truffles, chocolate covered honeycomb, peppermint patties, almond clusters, and a peanut butter cup. Delicious!

He also gave me a little stuffed animal dog and beautiful flowers.


Naked 2 Palette!
Words can't explain my excitement!

We ended the evening with some take-out chinese. Orange chicken for me, like always.
My fortune said: You look pretty.
How nice!

By the way, guess what came today? My February Birchbox! Come back tomorrow for my Birchbox post.

So how did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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