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May 26, 2011

Thicker Bolder Lashes

The one thing I try to accomplish with my makeup on a daily basis is to make my lashes look thicker and fuller. I don't normally wear fake lashes but I like the look of them so I rely on a couple of products to emulate that look.

The first, most obvious product is mascara but finding the right one can be challenging. There are 3 mascaras that I rely on. L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black, CoverGirl LastBlast Fusion, and Benefit BADgal lash. All three of these mascaras separate my lashes really well, make them look thicker, and overall give them that false lash effect.

The second product is a matte black eyeshadow. I typically use Carbon by Mac but any will do. Since I use a gel eyeliner my line can look a little too bold sometimes and my eyelashes tend to get lost instead of stand out. I like more of a smokey look so what I do is use the black eyeshadow to blend and smoke out the outer half of my eyeliner. This also helps my lashes look 10 times thicker!
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