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July 13, 2012

Half Lash Trick

Thick, full lashes are desired among many, myself included. Wearing false lashes is an easy and quick solution to amp up your eyes. Sometimes I find that the full lashes are too intense or maybe they don't fit my eyes the way I thought they would. This is where half lashes come into play. They look more natural but also play up your eyes without the obvious false lash look.

Take a look at the Before and After of my eye. On the left, I have some eye makeup on and as you can see my lashes don't stand out very much. On the right, I've added a half lash to the outer corner which has made my entire eye stand out more.

You can obviously buy half lashes at the store but you may already have some lashes on hand that you can cut in half.  I did this with a pair of lashes that I wasn't too fond of.

I took the tapered ends that are normally applied to the inner part of the eye and placed them on my outer lashline. I blended all the lashes, real and not, with the Anastasia Lash Genius (find my review here). Then I added mascara and my look was complete.

In this pic I have my half lashes on but to me they aren't super noticeable. They look natural enough and make my eyes stand out more. They don't feel as heavy and were easier to apply. 

Do you prefer wearing half lashes or full lashes?

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