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October 3, 2011

Golden Goddess Makeup and Hair

Halloween is around the corner and that means everyone is planning their costumes as we speak or at least thinking about them. I decided to do a few posts of looks that can be used for various costumes.

My first look is a Golden Goddess look. This can be worn for many costumes that use gold as the main color and also can be used for a party look too!

1. I used a medium gold shadow  to cover my entire lid.
2. I swept a light glittery gold onto my crease with a blending brush.
3. I used a dark gold for my outer crease and outer lid space.
4. I applied a cool toned dark brown to my outer lid and lower lashline.
5. I defined my eyes with a black gel eyeliner.
6. I finished the look it off with a black mascara. If you want a more dramatic look, add in some false lashes.

1. After I showered I let my hair dry naturally so that there would be texture to it.
2. I took random sections of hair and curled them with my conical wand to get loose waves.
3. I ran my fingers through my hair to make the curls less defined.
4. I pinned back the front sections of my hair to the sides of my head.

Simple as that! Let me know if you like the style of this post. I didn't add product or color names so that you can use whatever you have. If you prefer knowing exactly what I used tell me in the comments! Next time I'll include a close up of my eyes.
 Look out for more Halloween looks this month!

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