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October 18, 2011

Brand Review: Benefit Cosmetics

I've been using Benefit products for years now, even before my love for MAC blossomed. I was introduced to Benefit by a girl I knew from high school who would always stop by the Benefit Brow Bar to get her eyebrows done. My eyebrows had never been touched besides the occasional tweeze here and there so when I went for my first wax I became hooked on the brand overall. For a number of years I used Benefit items exclusively from foundation (playsticks) to fragrance (Maybe Baby), until I realized there were other brands out there that were less expensive and comparable in quality. As you can probably tell, my thoughts are a little mixed....

I love the incredibly cute and girly packaging. It's so much fun to pick out your favorite items - although it's also very easy to go overboard when everything catches your eye! I also like the variety of products they offer - skincare, makeup, fragrances, brow bar services - everything to cover your needs (and wants!) and among all those items they have some truly great products (BadGal Lash anyone?).

Although there are some must-have products, the prices can be a little high for what you get. I think this has a lot to do with that super cute packaging. Another thing I don't care for is the lifespan of the actual products. They don't last as long as I'd like them to and that means more money spent more frequently.

Overall thoughts
I still think Benefit is a great brand, however it's not my go-to brand anymore and I don't feel the need to stop by every time I'm at the mall. I still buy a few favorite items and like to browse their selection from time to time but my purchases have become more of an occasional indulgence rather than a recurring necessity.

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