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August 30, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Body Butter Duo

Body Butter Duo
Floral Acai
6.75 oz  - $18

I received this body butter as a gift from my boyfriend's parents. I was so excited to get this because The Body Shop is one of my favorite stores.

This product contains two types of lotion. One for normal skin areas and one for dry skin areas. The normal skin side is a nice light lotion and the dry skin side is thick cream.  I've used both sides already and I like the texture of both. I use the thicker cream for really dry areas such as my elbows and knees and the lighter lotion for all other areas. 

The scent is pretty good. It's a little bit different than scents I normally choose but I still like it. It's a sweet floral berry scent. The floral part is more noticeable to me though.

Would I get it again? Maybe. It's a little pricey and I always have lotions on hand but I wouldn't mind trying out some other scents. They do have some great products so I would definitely recommend checking the store (or website) out if you haven't!

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