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August 10, 2011

Infiniti by Conair You Curl XL

I've been wanting a clampless curling iron (aka conical wand) for a long time and I finally decided to get one last month. I got the Infiniti by Conair You Curl XL from Walmart for around $30.  I was so excited to get it home and try it considering I've never used one. 

It came with a little half glove (which is a little funny to me) to protect your hand from the heat of the curling iron. This was the one thing I wasn't fond of. It didn't stay on my hand and was very awkward to use. (Conair, I love you, but can I have a full glove next time?). It has a swivel cord, which is great so the cord doesn't get all twisted and tangled up. I still have some hair tools that don't have this feature - I know, crazy right?

The iron heats up to 400 F but the heat level is adjustable. It was very quick and easy to use. I took small random pieces, held them on the iron for about 5 seconds and then ran my fingers through my hair a little when I was done to get a more natural look. I finished it off with some mousse to help it stay in place and for the rest of the day I had gorgeous waves!

I have to say I prefer the natural loose waves created by a conical wand over the tighter uniform curls made by a curling iron with a clamp. It was exactly what I was hoping for (and the color is nice too!).

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