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September 4, 2014

Beauty Experiment: Does Lip Primer Make A Difference?

Last time I made an Hautelook order, I bought a few Laura Geller items, including Lip Spackle. Lip Spackle is a lip primer that you can use under lipstick or gloss to make it last longer. It prevents color from feathering and bleeding and it also keeps your lips soft and conditioned. This was the first lip primer I've ever used, so I decided to put it to the test and see if it does what it claims by doing a little experiment.
I picked a bright lipstick to test so that I could easily see what was going on with the lipstick throughout my experiment. I chose CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor in Eternal. 

CoverGirl lipstick in Eternal


Test #1 - Lipstick by itself

First test: See how long the lipstick lasted by itself. 
I applied it as I normally would and went on with my day.

I checked on it an hour later and I saw that it was beginning to fade just a bit. At the 2-hour mark, it had faded considerably. The lipstick was pretty much gone at that point, with just a slight uneven stain left behind.

Test # 2 - Lipstick Over Primer

Second test: See how long the lipstick lasted with primer underneath and if the primer made a difference in the appearance of the lipstick.

I applied the primer first. It nudes out my lips as if I have a layer of foundation or concealer on them. It doesn't feel like a lip balm, but more like a soft, thin cream.

Then I applied the same lipstick over top. This time, the lipstick looked more vibrant, even, and opaque. Since my lips are naturally dark, the primer made the lipstick turn out lighter and more pink than before.

At the 2-hour mark, the color had faded a little, but it was still solid and bright, just less glossy. I didn't need to reapply or do any touch-ups.

At 4 hours, the lipstick had mostly faded with just a hint of color left.

The Result

My lipstick lasted twice as long with the primer than without it. I like that it made my lipstick brighter and more even. Even as the color faded, it stayed even, instead of splotchy.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the tests.  The top two are the ones with just lipstick. The bottom two include primer.

See the difference in color? Also, there's a lot more lipstick left at the 2-hour mark when primer was used. The leftover lipstick without primer just looks patchy and unappealing!

The Verdict

Does lip primer make a difference? Is it worth buying?
It definitely makes a significant difference. I was pleasantly surprised to see how long my lipstick lasted and how much better it looked with the help of primer. The primer I used is $25 (although I got it for $12 thanks to Hautelook!). Is it necessary to buy it? No, but it does make a big difference! I would recommend this particular primer and I think it would be useful on a date or an event where you don't want to be reapplying your lip color very often.

Did you like this beauty experiment? Would you like to see more like this? Leave a comment telling me which product you'd like me to test next!

*Not a sponsored post. Any opinions are my own and not influenced by any of the brands mentioned. Some affiliate/referral links were used.
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