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December 10, 2013

Video: Birthday Haul & November Ipsy Bag

My birthday was last month and I got some beauty gifts that I wanted to show. I also hadn't shared my November Ipsy bag yet, so I included info in the video and this post about my bag. (Hint: it wasn't my favorite!).

November Ipsy Glam bag

em Michelle Phan
Lash Gallery Mascara
Price: $20

This is a full-sized waterproof mascara with a curved brush that "cups" your lashes.

What I think: I decided not to open this and instead use it in a giveaway. Normally, I'm likely to give new products a fair chance, but with mascara I really just stick to regular formulas from the drugstore. I don't like waterproof and I am not willing to spend $20 every time, so I'd rather donate it to my giveaway pile!

Would I buy it? Not likely.

Be a Bombshell
lip crayon - Hot Damn
Price: $14

This lip crayon is described as a glossy crayon with a smooth texture.

What I think: I like the color - it's a bright red. I don't know where the "glossy" and "smooth" parts come from because they don't translate to my lips. In fact, my lips feel pretty dry with this crayon on and they look matte. I think it's okay, but I'd prefer it if it was more smooth feeling.

Would I buy it? Not sure. Be a Bombshell looks like a really cute brand though, so I'd be willing to try something else.

Nail Lacquer - Caviar Cocktail
Price: $13

This is a shimmering pewter nail polish.

What I think: Another giveaway item! I adore nail polish and love getting it in my subscription boxes, however, this is just not my color. I would've preferred the other shade that was included in Ipsy bags, which was a golden color. I already have colors like this and I hardly even use them.

Would I buy it? Not this color, but I would likely buy a different one from the same brand.

Pixi Beauty
Price: $18

Medium honey tan bronzer that gives you sun-kissed skin.

What I think: Well, I don't ever use bronzer. I have tan skin and fairly prominent cheekbones, so bronzer might look a bit scary on me. Should I put this in the giveaway too? I doubt I'll ever try it, but I do really like that it's a Pixi product because I've always wondered about the brand.

Would I buy it? No, but only because I don't wear bronzer.

Gem Eye Pencil - Amethyst
Price: $14

A metallic eye pencil that can be used as liner or an eye base.

What I think: The color is really pretty. It's a frosty, shimmery purple. I haven't used it, but I think I could definitely create a look with it.

Would I buy it? Not sure.

YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment
Price: $69

A 10-minute mud mask that gives camera-ready glowing skin.

What I think: I don't use masks often enough and I'm happy to try this one. I love the scent of it and it's a good sample size.

Would I buy it? Even if I really like it, I'm not sure if I can justify spending $69 on a mask.

Overall thoughts on this month's bag

I feel like there were a lot of negatives this time around. Mostly I wanted different products from the same brands. Like with Nailtini, I would've loved a different color polish; For Pixi, maybe a blush instead of a bronzer; And with Em, a mascara with regular formula instead of waterproof. I still feel like $10 is an incredible price for what you get. It feels like there is a lot of value in my bag.

I already know I'm going to like December's bag more (because I already peeked!). I still highly recommend the service and will continue with my subscription.

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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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