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November 21, 2013

The Start of Makeup Organization

The other day, I came to the realization that my makeup collection is growing out of control. It passed the point of a normal sized collection quite awhile ago. As a blogger, it's not a hard thing to accomplish. The accumulation of beauty products is just insane! So, I took on the task of tackling part of my collection in order to downsize and organize.

It looks a little chaotic - don't you think?

See any of your own favorites?

I started by laying out a good portion of my makeup products. The picture shows it (it's like an I Spy game!). This isn't everything I have, just everything that could fit on the table - yikes. These are mainly individual products. This doesn't include my palettes or my brushes. We won't even get started on hair and bath/body products - that's a whole other project in itself.

I took out products that are old and probably expired. I set aside products to be given away. The next step is storage and organization. Currently, I don't have anything to store my makeup besides this spinning organizer. It definitely won't hold everything I have. My focus now is to obtain a vanity with storage.

The whole room will have to be rearranged and organized for me to be able to do it. I'll probably be updating along the way, maybe showing a before and after once it's complete. I already know this will be a process that will take a while. I'm so ready for the challenge!

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