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July 1, 2013

How to: Fourth of July Nails

In need of a patriotic nail design for Independence Day? Here's what I came up with! It's a simple design that can easily be recreated. Keep reading to find all of the polishes used and steps to remake this 4th of July mani!

Polishes used for this mani:

Step One - Paint 
The first step was painting my nails with the base colors. For my thumb and pinky, I used OPI Red. It's the perfect red shade and super creamy. I wear it on my toes for a good portion of Summer every year. 
I painted my index finger with Purity. It's a straight up stark white; it's almost like painting your nails with white out. I coated my middle finger with Trixie, which is a shimmery silver shade. For my ring finger, I used Butler Please, a deep royal blue. I went back and added a second coat to each nail.

Here are my nails with all of the colors applied. This is a cute 4th of July mani by itself!

Step Two - Stripes
Next, I added stripes of OPI Red to my index finger. I used a thin brush dipped in the polish, but a red striper would work too. Don't have either? Try using tape - this would help create cleaner lines too!

Step Three - Glitter
Then, I added Set in Stones, Essie's silver glitter top coat, to my middle finger. It just added a bit of sparkle, which is very suiting for 4th of July. 

Step Four - Star
Finally, I drew a star with Trixie and the same thin brush on my ring finger. It took a little concentration, but was fairly easy.

After those steps, a top coat can be added. Just remember to let everything dry for a bit before added the top coat to avoid smearing. You can add a matte or shiny topcoat. I personally like this design to look glossy though.


I love how it came out! It wasn't too hard and didn't take very long. It's very appropriate for the upcoming holiday. 

Have fun watching those fireworks!

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