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March 19, 2012

Current Obsession: Essie

I never thought to try Essie nail polish before. I always use OPI and I'm not sure why I haven't ventured to other brands. I guess I was just comfortable with it. I still love OPI but lately the Essie displays at the store have really drawn me in.

Set in Stones (silver) and A Cut Above (pink)

These two textured top coats are from the Luxeffects collection. They are absolutely gorgeous! I received Set in Stones in my March Birchbox. I used it immediately and found the amount and size of glitter to be perfect. I had to go pick up A Cut Above as well because this is what caught my eye from the beginning of my Essie curiosity. The glitter pieces vary in size and aren't hard to remove. They don't make your nails feel rough or rigid, a big reason why I typically don't wear glitter polishes.

Sure Shot
This pretty magenta color is from the new Resort collection. It was an  instant favorite for me.

Buy Me a Cameo
A sandy mocha color. This is close to a nude color for me since I am naturally tan but it's also frosty so it stands out. 

These colors/top coats amaze me.They're good quality and apply with minimal effort. I think I may take a little OPI break so I can start growing my Essie collection. What nail polish brand is your favorite?

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