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September 14, 2011

Brand Review: Victoria's Secret

This has to be one of my favorite stores ever. I cannot go to the mall without paying a visit to VS and most of the time I leave with a bag in my hand.

I normally buy underwear, bras, swimsuits, shorts, yoga pants and other things.They have great deals on underwear most of the time and their swimsuits last years and years. I do have to replace my bras every so often because they stretch out over time but they are the most comfortable bras I can find.

I love everything in their Pink line.  From yoga pants to hoodies....it's all so cute and in really fun colors - not to mention super comfy!

As for their beauty products, I don't buy much of it. I like their makeup, but I don't find it necessary to add to my collection. Some of their scents are really nice too. They have tons of products! I'd rather spend my money on the clothes though.

As for the prices, VS can get expensive if you don't keep track of what you're getting. The best time to go is during their semi-annual sales when you can get some really great deals and stock up!
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